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A Person Dies A Moment After Being Swept Through By Mysterious “Black Shadow”

Leading NASA Scientist Who Assured The Existence Of Life After Death

Paranormal activity, ghost sightings reported across the Upstate

The Hauntings of Oakwood CemeteryThe Hauntings of Oakwood Cemetery

Ghost Mind Left Reddit! (Rules to Follow For The Paranormal Field)

Honestly, I've had it with rude, crude, obnoxiously loud, bullying people who want to set themselves above everyone else and crave a fight. They are a disgrace to the Paranormal Field and unwelcome in my community here. Unfortunately Reddit is full of them with an exception of a very small few and I either had to continually fight or leave. I left.
Be respectful to each other even if you don't agree.Listen instead of screaming your own opinion over the opinions of others.If someone is truly reaching out to others and trying to help, give them credit for that. They deserve it and it's usually more than most do. If someone is trying to actively study and investigate the paranormal then give them credit for that also. This stuff takes guts to even try to do and especially share with other people. They deserve your respect. If you have developed a "sure-fire" method of investigation and evidence gathering, good for you! Keep up the great work! ...but this doesn't…

There Is a Paranormal Activity Lab at the University of Virginia

Respected scientists are lending credibility to parapsychological research.FEBRUARY 10, 2014
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